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Improving Hartlepool looks in to community matters, how Hartlepool could be improved, how it could be a better place to live & work and everything else in-between.

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Improving Hartlepool

What we do!
Everything you see & hear on Improving Hartlepool is local.

The podcast started as an idea to highlight some of the amazing and wonderful stuff Hartlepool has to offer, as a diverse & vibrant town, the potential is limitless and should be harnessed.

A sad situation envelopes the town, as 17% of commercial units are vacant, and 12% of industrial units are vacant, these units could be full providing jobs & putting money back into the local economy.

As a community Podcast & Website we want & need your input, get in touch with ideas for the show & website, do you have something you want to talk about get in touch we'll get you on the show.

  • All about Hartlepool

  • We all share the same goals

  • We are not affiliated to any political parties

  • A place to live, a place to love


We are looking for local businesses who want to advertise here.

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